The collaborative bicycle trade campaign #BikeIsBest has raced out of the starting blocks, finding an industry highly receptive to a new and coordinated message to reach the masses. Here CI.N talks to Adam Tranter, Fusion Media CEO, the campaign’s organiser and Bicycle Mayor for Coventry about tapping in to a blue ocean of people receptive to cycling that are now perhaps giving serious consideration to both lifestyle and transport habit changes…

#BikeIsBest trade collaboration launches in bid to sell cycling’s benefits to the masses – Cycle Industry News

50 bike industry businesses and organisations have pledged support to the #BikeIsBest campaign, which launches today with the aim to showcase cycling’s benefits to the masses.

Described as “the most extensive coordinated promotional campaign for cycling since the 1970s”, the joint-funded promotional push aims to seize upon an opportunity of a generation to convert yet more people to cycling as a transport and leisure form as the Covid-19 pandemic forces a rethink of wider modal share change. As it stands, the demand for cycling in the past few months remains ahead of supply capability.

Good Cycling Facility of the Week: 18th June 2020 – Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

This week’s Good Cycling Facility is a cycle path running next to a railway line in the Dutch city of Zwolle.
This path makes use of the railway alignment to form a direction connection into the city from the southern suburbs. At this precise point, the cycle path is crossing over a dual carriageway A-road on the same bridge as the railway. 
It makes a great deal of sense to run cycle paths and railway lines in parallel, principally because the cycle paths can benefit from the direct routes formed by the railway lines, and the absence of steep gradients. This is just one example of many, across the Netherlands.
One final point is that the cycle path has a separate footway and its own street lighting, to make it more attractive and safer in the hours of darkness. 

A wooden cycle bridge in Oirschot | Bicycle Dutch

With the trains still restricted to essential travel only, I am forced to find topics for my blog within cycling distance. As luck would have it, an impressive new wooden cycle bridge was opened just last month in Oirschot about 23 kilometres from my home. I only found out about it recently, but I was able to cycle there already the following day. I can now show you what a magnificent new bridge it is!

Campaign for Brent Council to rebuild environment post-Covid | Harrow Times

Environmental groups in Brent are calling on their council to make a series of commitments to rebuild effectively as the Covid-19 pandemic eases. By Adam Shaw, 25th June