Everything you need to know about the #BikeIsBest national campaign – Cycle Industry News

The collaborative bicycle trade campaign #BikeIsBest has raced out of the starting blocks, finding an industry highly receptive to a new and coordinated message to reach the masses. Here CI.N talks to Adam Tranter, Fusion Media CEO, the campaign’s organiser and Bicycle Mayor for Coventry about tapping in to a blue ocean of people receptive to cycling that are now perhaps giving serious consideration to both lifestyle and transport habit changes…

#BikeIsBest trade collaboration launches in bid to sell cycling’s benefits to the masses – Cycle Industry News

50 bike industry businesses and organisations have pledged support to the #BikeIsBest campaign, which launches today with the aim to showcase cycling’s benefits to the masses.

Described as “the most extensive coordinated promotional campaign for cycling since the 1970s”, the joint-funded promotional push aims to seize upon an opportunity of a generation to convert yet more people to cycling as a transport and leisure form as the Covid-19 pandemic forces a rethink of wider modal share change. As it stands, the demand for cycling in the past few months remains ahead of supply capability.