Cobden Junction – a protected junction for cycling – approved 18th March 2014

We hope soon to be able to welcome the first cycle segregated junction in UK

On Tuesday, 18th March,  Phil Jones (Cabinet Member for Sustainability, Transport and Planning) accepted the recommendations in the officers’ report on Cobden Junction.

You may recall that there had been hopes that it could be possible to introduce contraflow cycling along Crowndale Road, but that idea was rejected before consultation due to the impact on buses.  See our discussion of the consultation on CycleScape. Our final response is also on CycleScape.

Since we had been very critical about safety for cycling through the junction, we had further discussions with Camden officers and eventually had to decide between safety and permeability. Since safety must come first and also the contraflow was unlikely to be agreed, we asked Camden to implement a “cycle segregated junction” – one that eliminates the possibility of left hooks.

The officers’ report is now on Camden Council’s website and the papers include a drawing for a pair of cycle segregated junctions on Crowndale Road – one at Eversholt Street and the other at Hampstead Road. At each junction left turning motors are held on red while cyclists and straight-ahead motors get a green. Then when the left turning motors get a green signal, the cyclists and straight-ahead motors get a red.

In the drawing below you can see the kerbs separating the cyclists and the left turning motors  and another kerb between left turning and straight ahead motors. The kerbs are needed for the different signals.

Item 07 - Appendix E Cobden Junction Final design

The officers report can be seen on Camden Council website.

Since this design for Cobden Junction has got the green light we are very pleased: as far as I know, there isn’t yet another one in the UK. It is very gratifying that LB Camden was willing to work out how to do this before the details were published in the long-awaited LCDS version 2.

I have been trying to explain it to various people and find it hard to convey the details.  For example, you can  download my PowerPoint presentation (large file) given to the Transport Liaison Public Meeting, Wednesday 19 February 2014.