Jonathan Pie | 1st December 2021 | The Author
Watch Jonathan Pie’s exclusive inside investigation of COP26 now only with The Ecologist. 
Climate change does’t get sexier than COP26. Greta is here. Obama is here. Not that I’m saying Greta is sexy. Or Obama – well Obama is. In any case, I’ve made this cutting edge documentary so you can see for yourselves what everyone is really thinking.
What is climate change, you ask? Cars burn oil, guff CO2 out of their a-holes, planet heats up, ice caps melt, sea-levels rise, Bangladesh drowns. The end. Yes. There will be some flooding in the UK. But only the nice bits. Posh people with converted basements as games rooms. So it’s not going to effect me much. And COP26 is supposed to tell us whether we can keep within 1.5oC of warming, as set down in the Paris Accord at the end of COP21 six years ago.