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Please help to safeguard our nation’s threatened disused railway heritage.
The UK’s developing network of foot and cycle routes has brought new life to many old railways over the past 50 years. As we build a better normal after the coronavirus pandemic, increasing provision for active travel will bring health, wellbeing, environmental, economic and connectivity benefits, and the Government has recognised this by committing £2 billion over five years to deliver new infrastructure.
Many of these green corridors are ecologically sensitive, supporting increased biodiversity that typically relies upon movement and wider  landscape connectivity.
But National Highways, acting on the Department for Transport’s behalf, has plans to spend much of its excessive budget for managing the Historical Railways Estate of 3,100+ disused railways structures by demolishing or infilling potentially hundreds of them, compromising future greenway schemes by blocking or severing the routes they span or carry. The same plans could also jeopardise railway reopenings and extensions to heritage lines.