@LambethLivingSt · Feb 20 This THREAD tries to answer in three parts:

WHY the need to change – WHAT to change to – HOW to help achieve it as a cllr
In Lambeth parking revenue is £35m per year, but without parking subsidies this could be as high as £80m. Over 10 years, that’s a transfer of around £600m from poorer to richer residents. It’s clear injustice as a transfer, but doubly so if you consider who suffers from dirty air

So WHAT does progressive parking policy look like?
1. CPZs everywhere. This puts at least a low price on parking & begins to tame the worst aspects of wild west parking like abandoned cars & pavement parking (see CPZ & abandoned cars map) This might be filling the gaps or creating a single borough-wide CPZ.
2. Reduce & rebalance the parking subsidy. The reductions could be staggered over several years, but by 2026-27, there should be no council subsidies for parking the dirtiest cars, which means no difference in cost between parking the dirtiest car in a private or council space.
3. Rebalance the parking subsidy means looking at vehicle storage holistically. Cars or bikes are a choice & the revenue from reducing the parking subsidy for cars should go hand-in-hand with increasing the subsidy for bike storage so there are more & cheaper spaces for residents