Following almost two months of weekend road closures, Wandsworth Council has agreed to continue pedestrianising the Northcote Road until October.

On July 11, a trial period of closing the road to cars on Saturdays and Sundays was introduced, to support local businesses by helping them reopen safely.

In light of positive feedback, the Council has said it will extend the closures until the clocks go back (October 25), using Coronavirus traffic regulations.

The decision is dependent on considerations such as the weather and the TFL bus diversion.

Initially, there was a delay in diverting the G1 and 319 buses onto Bolingbroke Grove from Northcote Road, which came into effect on August 22.

There are now temporary bus stops on Bolingbroke Grove, outside the Bolingbroke Academy near the junction with Belleville Road.

Jonny Dyson, Chairman of the Northcote Business Network, has thanked residents who have been impacted by the closures.

“Whilst the first couple of weekends were a bit fraught, the whole operation has become much slicker and we now know what to expect, and how to deal with it every weekend,” he said.

He added that the closures have been vital for keeping the hospitality industry alive.

Town Hall tweaks low traffic neighbourhood in Hoxton West – Hackney Citizen

Hackney Council made changes to one of its three recently introduced low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) over the weekend in response to feedback from locals and its own monitoring.

The introduction of LTNs has seen heated debate across London, with some welcoming the positive results to air quality and road safety they bring to residential streets being used as rat runs, while others complain of congestion being displaced to other areas.
The Hoxton West LTN’s traffic filter on Nile Street will now move further west, past its junction with Provost Street, to help prevent non-local traffic from using both Nile and Provost as rat runs, with transport chief Cllr Jon Burke speaking out over the weekend to warn vandals who had destroyed bollards in the area: “Cameras coming soon. When we catch you, we’ll prosecute.”

BBC Crime Show Argues For Helmet Compulsion For Cyclists – Forbes

Carlton Reid

The long-running BBC Crimewatch show has been accused of bias after airing a segment on cycle helmet compulsion on September 21. After an outside-broadcast piece about the increase in bicycle theft during the pandemic there was an unrelated studio discussion with two guests in favor of helmet compulsion for cyclists.There was no guest to give a counterpoint, which is against BBC guidelines on impartiality.After the CEO of a head injury charity urged helmet wearing for cyclists, the BBC presenter editorialized, “Very very well said.”Earlier, Rav Wilding, presenter of Crimewatch Roadshow Live since 2009, said a pro-helmet poster was a “really really powerful image and a great campaign.”

The new road rage: bitter rows break out over UK’s low-traffic neighbourhoods | The Guardian

As barriers and signs go up to stop rat runs and promote cycling and walking, communities are deeply divided over the benefit

Sun 20 Sep 2020

Jaquelin Gutierrez, 45, is walking beside her seven-year-old daughter, Lauren, who is riding her bike in the sunshine. They feel far safer than they used to on their 10-minute journey home without so many cars. “I used to be super scared because cars go really fast and might run over me,” says Lauren.

Cycling In Town Centres Is a Network Issue – The Ranty Highwayman

Every so often there’s a flurry of complaints about people cycling through pedestrianised areas. Sometimes there might be a media item in which a talking head holds the cycling community at blame for the behaviour of a few and in some cases, the local authority will ban cycling, yet wonder why people are still there.

Discourse around this subject always comes at it from the wrong end, which is either the behaviour of a few individuals or concern about people cycling from those who maybe cannot quite articulate the issue

Segregated cycle lane for Kensington High Street next month – South London News

News Reporter 17th September 2020

By Owen Sheppard, Local Democracy Reporte
A segregated cycle lane spanning the length of Kensington High Street will be in place by late October.

Kensington and Chelsea council said the “experimental” route will be separated from other road traffic with “wands”.
And it will include “floating bus stops”, where the cycle lane cuts between the bus stop and rest of the pavement.
It will begin at the Olympia London, and run for one mile to the south-west corner of Kensington Gardens.
Work on phase one of the plan will start on September 28 and take about four weeks, the council said.
Phase two will involve changes being made to junctions along the routes, and will be undertaken by Transport for London (TfL) and be complete by the winter.
The council hopes it will encourage more people to visit shops and restaurants and commute to work without using public transport.

84% des parents français se disent prêts à laisser leur voiture au garage pour emmener leurs enfants à l’école –

Relaxnews14/09/2020 à 00:01

(ETX Studio) – À l’intérieur des établissements scolaires, dans les cours de récréation, sur le chemin de l’école… La pollution de l’air s’immisce partout et menace nos enfants. Les parents sont d’ailleurs prêts à revoir leur mode de transport afin de protéger leur progéniture. 84% d’entre eux n’hésiteraient pas à abandonner la voiture au profit du vélo ou de la marche, dévoile un sondage Harris Interactive réalisé pour Unicef, dévoilé ce lundi à l’occasion de la journée nationale de la qualité de l’air.